AND PHARISEES..................
Ref/ Galatians 4:8-11.

The religious con-ferences, the days, months, seasons and years, feasts, fests, fetes and carnivals and dead end programs are all still alive and well, in the world and in the worldling churches today and Jesus still calls out when it's all finished......why don't you come to me and get the real deal, it won't cost you a penny but it will cost you your sin....ref/Isaiah

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus the Christ stood up and cried out saying......."If anyone thirsts let him or her come to me and drink. He or she who truly believes in Me......does what I say, it will be exactly as the scripture says.......Out of his or her 'heart-spirit' will flow rivers of living water"......ref/John 7:37, 38.

Yes, our omniscient master and God-Jesus the Christ surely knows that whether it be birthdays, so called holy days or the so called great days, religious feasts and fests....all is in vain when it comes to the issue of salvation of the soul, life, contentment, joy, complete satisfaction and self-acceptance unless all are looking unto him/Jesus, the author and finisher of the faith-doctrine of the Christ.

While reading the scriptures we are looking at today we quickly come to see that Jesus was at a feast there was plenty of wine, foods, laughter and self-confidence, it was the last day and the great day as it says and he decided to let them in on a real eye opening truth.....The party-feast, their great day, last day of their fest-con-ferencing (Easter-Fest) wasn't so great at all, actually it was boring and a massive failure, why?....because he-the Christ wasn't the theme or the one being
And isn't it always the same when Jesus is not Lord of us and all. No.. we will never find him, know him or go to be where he is, unless we want him to be and he is the theme and Lord of our lives.....amen?.....ref/John

Therefore they neither knew him nor were they going to where he was going.

Even today many worship....the Sabbath, Tithes, the Ten Commandments (and not the giver of the commands), Titles, Santy's, Mary's, Popes, Bible translations and not the translator-God Almighty within the denominational and Roman Catholic Ranks......all shadow boxers of course......ref/Colossians 2:17, Galatians 4:8-11, Luke

This is very much the commercialised churches of today in these last days, these great days and days of feastings and  the keeping of feasts, days, months, seasons and certain religious years......(Easter, Christmas and all saints days for those who are not biblical-saints)

There is no life, joy, peace or inner contentment within the hearts of the church leaders or the church goers these days all because they drink of the merky-muddy  waters of the religions and denominations of men. women and the world. Neither can there be salvation through  muddy-denominational waters/doctrine or Roman Catholic Dogma.....ref/John 7:17.

After all their efforts of trying to be reverend, doctor, father and mother are exhausted and the strobe lights are turned off the electric guitars are unplugged all they are left with is an empty heart, an emotional hang-over and still no security of any real Godly weight, Eternal weight in their lukewarm religious lives. But admittedly they do walk away with all the excuses and religious baptist, pentecostal and evangelical licenses they need in the world and Christendom to go on in their 'known-sin'....peacefully, without losing one of their professing-Christian-Coffee Shop friends or jobs....neat hey.

All filed under 'love' of course and the latest mercy scriptures thrown in with the overpriced raisin bread, which is specially prepared for the brotherhood and

Holy Ghost surely tells us that 'love' is not blind, for God is love and love does not turn a blind eye to sin, least we begin to believe that sin is harmless and has no consequences. However, 'lust' is blind and a blinding attitude, selfish too and God-the Christ has books and accounts of all things done, whether openly or in secret and the day of their heralding is near as.

Yes, John the baptizer came to witness this very 'love' through his message of 'Repentance'!.....John gave witness to the 'light-the Christ' who is God, who is love. Yes, John's message......'Repent'!.......was and is the true message of 'love-God's Love'.

This wonderful forgiveness which follows true-repentance involves not just being forgiven but at the moment of true-repentance the repentant soul is......forgiven, cleansed, delivered, restored and empowered against the sin and sins repented of all in one hit, instantly......glory halleluyah!!!!!!!!....never to go back like a dog to the vomit or sow to the mud.

For if God was to mark down and take account of 'repented sins' not one could be saved from the eternal fires of the living hell. So how great is the message of 'Repent and be Forgiven'?....the greatest love message of all ages.

God is love and love is not blind neither does he turn a blind eye to 'sin' inside churches or outside, the wages of sin is death. And our good lord keeps account of all 'unrepented-sin'. Messiah is coming for a bride-church-peoples-remnant without 'known-sin'

Therefore the messenger of the Christ is sent to them to tell them of .....'The Song of the Paraclete''s not by might, it's not by power but by my spirit says the Lord Jesus, the

The Rivers of Living Waters come from the heart not the intellect, minds of men and women which is where most churched peoples operate from today with their credential cards, titles and agendas of success, big bucks $$$$ and self-esteem, not to forget the books on 'how to fix the marriage problems' while their very own wife has their name called out in the county court for divorce....ref/Ben and Susan Hinn and swags of others.

Anyway, Jesus the Christ sat back at the feast yet another great jewish feast and when they had finished all their rituals and carry on he stood to his feet and said......"Vanity of Vanities!......all is vanity......You all need to know the right way of doing things, you also need the truth and the abundant life that comes with the paraclete and the true doctrine-teaching of Almighty God. For my doctrine is not mine but his who sent me".......ref/John 7:37, 38, John 7:16-18, John 14:1-6.

In order to be a bonafide-believer we are to be a peoples who 'do' the Word of God up to the light/knowledge one has. These are the ones who are joy-filled wells of salvation, otherworldly and overflowing with holy ghost assurance, a peoples who have been delivered from the plastic, timber, steel and sins of the world and the lusting after it at any cost.....ref/John 1:29, Romans 8:1, Isaiah 12:3.

Yes, it's no doubt time for the saints to stand to their feet and cry out to all......'the whole of life, the whole matter is wrapped up in the Christ-Almighty God, anything outside of him and his teaching is a dud'......ref/Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14, Job 19:28.

All the monies, religious fame, acceptance and titles, fortunes and accolades, fests, feats, fetes and foods, human acceptance, earth-bound possessions and university degrees all pale in the sight of ...'Come to Jesus the Christ and Drink of the waters of Life/doctrine of Almighty God'  free from charge and price.......ref/Revelation 22:17, Isaiah 55:1.

My kitchen-Restaurant rules worldwide, all because I serve the bread of life, the ultimate in breads, the bread that leads to eternal life. Fresh and daily to a dying city, suburb, nation and world......actually, when last checked.....peoples in 192 countries of the world to our

Pastor: Paul Marshall Sheehan......(spiritual-chef for the master-chef, chief-feeder/Mashiah....plating only the best of the best of the best and isn't that all the time)....ref/

th April 2011.

Always remembering that a thousand years is as one day unto the Christ......ref/2 Peter 3:8.

Yes, we are in the last days and the great days and the peoples are feasting all around, hence I am compelled by holy ghost power to stand up on the streets for the past 23 years daily, till this very day and in the world and on the worldwide-web, show my face unashamed to a sin cursed earth, lukewarm churches and cry out.........

"Come to Jesus, repent and you too will live the 'abundant-life' that Messiah promised to all who would pick up their cross, die to their selfishness, live for the Christ who died for them and deny themselves of the passing pleasures of sin, follow Messiah daily, without reservation'

PS.....Men and women can not live by natural foods alone but will live and live abundantly and eternally in heaven when they partake of, walk in, relish in, accept and depart not from ....the doctrine of the Christ.....the bread of life-Jesus the Christ......the Word of

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