(from shadow to 'the' substance/Christ)

I was in a recording studio this morning and while collecting work done I was blessed to be able to share 'the truth' with the young man who runs and owns the studio. I was able to share the truth about 'Easter' and I truly felt refreshed in shining the Messianic Light on this so misunderstood subject.

Although many find it safe enough to revert, turn back a few hundred years or more in order to establish rules, seasons and months I have always found that unless we turn back to the 'holy writ' we are in for deception and religions of men.

People who try their hardest to marry 'the Passover to Easter' (as they call it) are usually churched peoples and those who come out of bible colleges full of the doctrines and theology of religious men and women who have not been taught by him/Jesus.

Their solace is in men and women who have made a name for themselves before this dubious world, those who carry not the hallmark of true and bonafide

Passover....can never be passed off as Easter no matter how you dress it up or down. Passover was and always will be Passover, one of the seven feasts of Judaic Jews, nothing whatsoever to do with Easter, Rabbits, Chocolate, Money Making, Eggs, Parades or 'Christianity' or gentiles.

Passover....was if anything a type/shadow or outline of the freedom the Christ would bring to a sin cursed earth. We are told not to live in the shadow but the substance/Mashiah, exactly where Judaic Jews do not live hence unsaved in that state, till they turn to the Christ.

Passover....has no seamless connection with the Christ's death, burial and Resurrection Power. To say passover and Easter are one or that Easter is the Christian Passover is not Christ's Teaching but spineless men and women who live their lives for Christ in spasms and seasons.

St. Paul the apostle of all apostles save the Christ warned the Jews at Galatia about their days, months, years and seasonal-attitude-doctrine and called it flesh, carnal and out of step with NT/Holy Writ.

Many untrained (by Christ) church leaders and ministers have thrown themselves onto the Greek, Hebrew and the denominational thought pattern, design of the Holy Bible but Mashiah tells all to allow the paraclete to lead you into 'all' truth. The very thing the Judaic Jews of Galatia didn't do, I believe because of their mental pride, arrogance and stubbornness. Stubbornness is as witchcraft says Yahweh!...and look at Israel today but still, eventually a remnant (a remnant only)  will be saved in the end, says holy scripture.....Romans 9:27

Although many attempt to uphold their tradition of Easter under the .....Acts 12:3 doesn't hold water for long seeing that Passover was 1 of 7 Jewish Feats or the Feast of Unleavened Bread and, and to say that Easter is the Christian-Passover is simply to deny and defy the power of the resurrected Christ and the far 'exceedingly greater work' accomplished through this one superb, spotless, perfect lamb offering that removes sin not just covers it.

Yes, dear reader, those who relish in and promote the pagan season Easter or Christmas for that matter are in no better standing with The Christ than were the........Galatians of St. Paul's Era....Galatians 3:1, 4:8-11

Paul said they were foolish, even unbelieving/faithless peoples who look to weak and beggarly elements by which they are held in religious bondage and loving it. Sticking to their guns you could say even though they have run out of munitions, slaves.

The Christ tells all as often as you meet and assemble together in his name 'remember his death, burial and resurrection' by the emblems of bread/body and wine/blood. Not a yearly season. He also teaches us that St.Paul carried about Mashiah's death in his body daily and so we should too, if we are truly his/Christ's and have been taught by him.........Ephesians 4:20, 21......selah.

Come out of the shadow of days, months, seasons and years into the substance/the Christ, put away from you the traditions of mere men and women and come back to 'the root-the word'/the holy writ' lest you rot in hell for eternity, because you rendered my word void through your tradition  says the lord God of Israel...Yeshua.

The root of the matter is in me
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Job 19:28, 29


P.S. Is it Friday that is good or is it Good Jesus. Surely he is worth more than a Festival, a day, a long weekend and mere talk about what happened at Calvary hill. How about your entire life, sin and all?