The King James Bible
And Other Versions Of The Holy Bible

1/ ..... Hello Pastor Paul, I see you're a true man of God, having read some of your articles on your website. I noticed you use the NKJV (new king james version). Please note that the Lord showed me that the KJV (king james version) bible is the best english version we have & having researched the matter, it was confirmed. I was also spiritually liberated moreso when starting to read the KJV....

Proverbs 18:13 ... “ He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him”. I hope that the Lord will reveal to you that you should be using the 'king james version' & not any of the 'modern' corrupt versions ………. God bless .... Ray .. 11.3.2012 ..... Click

2/….. Paul , after reading your last Email I understand what you’re saying now. Your spiritual maturity and desire for pure truth allows the Lord to guide you into sound doctrine. I say it to warn others, the less mature, those who still drink milk and not solid food, they are the one's more susceptible to deception.

Since you're a Pastor, you have the responsibility to warn the flock, the weak, those that are still imbibing milk. I'm glad you understand the 'insideous’ doctrines of Calvinism. I must say, I had always had an uneasy feeling about the song 'Amazing Grace'. I remember always resisting joining in singing that song whenever I heard it. Having now read your article (on Amazing Grace) it now becomes evident why, thanks for sharing that. The Lord showed me that one can only enter into His Grace through Repentance. “Without Repentance ye shall likewise perish, as Jesus said” …. these 'easy believism' (once saved always saved) churches want to claim God's Grace without Repentance …. Click

Ray ... 12.3.2012 .................................. Click

3/…..Pastor Paul.....Excellent articles from your site...thanks for sending.

What you say is true, the apostasy is well and truly entrenched in 'Christendom'. The vanity of men/women & their desire to please men...Not.. God & the fact that they have not a Love of the Truth, hence they are given over to Strong Delusion......Click

The Truth Speaker is a Very Rare person...... Ray ... 20.3.2012

4/…..Thank you !
.... for your teaching, fantastic, it must grieve you to see the state of 'Christendom' let alone the World ... and that very few people are interested in Truth. I just watched your dvd/message on your You Tube channel .. JUVY679 .. ‘Everyone is looking for the Truth’ wow! ... thanks so much and yes I'll forward your url's/web address's to those I can .... God bless you ... I can & shall pray for you, your ministry & family... Click

You're a rare man indeed. It's particularly grievous to see how those Qld Ministries all rejected your Newsletters, it's quite extraodinary that they don't understand the ‘Gravity of what they're Rejecting’ . Doesn't sound like they're working out their Salvation with Fear and Trembling as Paul the apostle states. God bless you and your family !....... Ray ... 22.3.2012 ... Click

5/…..Hi Pastor Paul ....
I am letting you know that I received your book - ‘Fire and Hammer’ and the dvd's etc ... in the mail, much appreciated.

I’ve always said you were a 'Man of God' ... however we can all learn to be more like Jesus, whether one be a basic Pilgrim or a Prophet ... we are all 'mere men' in the sight of God ... click

Ray ... 27.3.2012.
WARNING … by Pastor: Paul Sheehan … Let us not be deceived by such wolves as that Nigerian scammer Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy (the black Benny Hinn) whose agents rent a venue at the Griffith University Campus-Brisbane. Pastor Chris teaches that the Angel who strengthened Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was ….. The Holy Ghost …. What?.. How could a created being-angel ever be considered as God-Holy Ghost … how demeaning even blaspheming … click
Note: Pastor Paul Sheehan puts all his trust in the ‘Paraclete Version’ of holy script, for it is always guaranteed to be perfectly right. Holy Ghost makes no mistakes, not one, never has and never will ever, for he is God Almighty. This takes faith indeed ….