The Wisdom of Who?
(the wizard of OZ)

Like Catching Water in a Net/Human Attempts to Describe the Divine....Val Webb, Continuum Books UK/$34.95.

Taken from......FOCUS Anglican Paper Brisbane, Page 12/March.
In Val's latest book she makes herself 'crystal' clear on what she thinks of Jesus Doctrine and I quote her......"We can not disprove God anymore than we can prove it/him/her"

Alison Cotes says....."This deeply scholarly but approachable book is for believers and unbelievers alike. The most spiritual people don't always have to find words for what they feel, like Michael Leunig, they can say "I don't think of God as a he or a listener or a she, I just think it's a poem". Even if like Val Webb you don't know if you will ever encounter God, you can have a valid and satisfying spiritual life, just by living as if the divine sounds and smells are

Alison Cotes often writes for the Anglican Religion and what a shame that the word 'Wisdom' is mentioned in her presence. Scripture describes God clearly, it's just that most people 'resent' God's Version of Himself. It is said that Alison is also the patron saint of glove-makers and a one-handed prawn peeling champ. Genius or just girl-power?

This whole writing of Webb and Cotes reminded me of a particular woman who was recently on the TV/Ch10, who was being praised for her writings and when the host (who has no idea on hosting or public speaking) asked her the secret to knowing  a good book, she said....."If the cover is good, if a lot of money has been spent on the cover it's a good sign, also if you open the book and start to read and the first page reads like trash it most probably is"....end of quote.

I believe that you're getting my point here today, I hope you are for your souls sake, eternally. Whether it be Webb, Leunig or Cotes they all no doubt are stopping all stations yet going nowhere outside of men and women's carnal (positive) thinking. But the key to this life and the next is this.......

● Repent of all your sins, turn to Jesus, follow him daily, do what he says in his writings/words and most of all remain 'in/with' him to the end. Then you will meet God-Jesus, know him, hear his voice, encounter him daily, fall in love with him and will be prepared to die for him .....meaning die to self and die even a cruel death in his name, if required, ref/burnt at the stake, stoned, boiled in oil, sawn in two, martyred. Holiness is , honesty, truth and humility with Jesus as preeminent, holiness is the supreme-supernatural-life and way to live, won't you come today, won't you turn to him/Jesus/God, it's such a wonderful place under his wings/

My view on books that are considered by men and women as 'best sellers' has always been....'be careful' you are sure to find compromise, heresy, lies, deception, witchery and if it be a book that is 'trying to connect' itself to the only wise God/Jesus or his name, it is usually watered down scripture in order to please men and women's flesh life and willful worship of their religious

The only best seller I recommend to world readers is the Holy Bible, not the Roman Catholic Version or Jehovah Witnesses version but King James/New or

We all know for sure that peace is nowhere else to be found other than 'with' Jesus the prince of peace. I am making reference to the Tibetan Riots recently, it doesn't say much for the Buddhist Monks Teachings and professions of tranquility, inner harmony and peace with all mankind does it?

It's time for the Dalai Lama to repent too and be saved from the 'real' wrath to come and hell fire eternal. If Jesus is not angry with unrepentant sinners and saints who go on in willful sin defiantly, what is this 'Cup of Wrath/Indignation' doing filling up to one day overflow. Or is this cup of the wrath of God/Jesus emptying day by day, as religious frauds, plagiarists and heretics gather the multitudes to themselves. Something to not just think about but attend to wouldn't you say?

Feeding understanding and knowledge to a hell-bound-world.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Jeremiah 3:15,, 23:29, 30


P.S. Maybe they will have to rename the Anglican Church Denomination....."The Anglo-Roman Catholic-Muslim- Spiritualists".......A.R.C.M.S. Pty. Ltd.

Who can tell, in these days of Big Brother and little gods/goddesses, they say that those who are religious and pray are usually happier than others, just look at the Dalai Lama and his followers. Isaiah 53:3. Many people endeavour to get to the bottom of things but few be they that are willing to deal with the root.....Matthew 7:13, 14.